Being a recruiter isn’t easy work. No secret there.  To be a great one, you need to bring your A Game every single moment. We recognize that – and since the origin of Talent Retriever, we realized the potential of so many amazing recruiters who thrive in an environment providing work-life balance.  But there’s a lot more to a fulfilling work-life balance than just a schedule.

Talent Retriever’s Flex/Remote Recruitment Consultant role allows top recruiters from all over the US the opportunity to come together, collaborate, and work in our unique team structure.  We are not a contingency firm.  We are hired by many of the fastest growing companies in the nation to help them create and execute on recruitment strategies to achieve aggressive hiring goals. 

We are looking to increase our team by adding experienced talent acquisition professionals looking to contribute to a creative and client-centric company. Opportunities to work on a flexible schedule are available!

Sounds great coming from me – but let’s go to the source!  Let our team give you 4 Reasons why you should consider joining our team.

1. Teamwork


“There are remote recruiter jobs everywhere, but what draws me toward Talent Retriever is the team. Everyone is so passionate about what they do every day. And it’s nice to have a group of people available to help when you are having struggles and challenges. They understand where you are coming from because you are all trying to accomplish the same goal. There isn’t this underlying competition that exists among everyone. It’s really quite the opposite. A lot of companies say they are a team but they don’t really deliver on that. With Talent Retriever you are undoubtedly part of a group that cares about you and wants you to succeed.” – Jennifer Brent, Illinois, Remote Talent Acquisition Consultant for Talent Retriever since September 2015


2. Flexibility 


“I like the idea of being able to set my own schedule. I like the extra hours I have to do the things that I want in life – raising a family and other aspirations. The flexibility of not commuting, gives you the ability to be more productive in many ways. You are not getting up and driving and spending up to an hour and a half each way. Yes – it is great I have the ability to pick my kids up from school without having to run out of the office, but for me I was drawn in because I really wanted to be connected to a position that I love throughout the day. If you are someone who wants flexible hours, who can work remote from home for a company that is providing all the tools that you need and all the assistance that you need, Talent Retriever provides this great opportunity.” – Kara Clarke, Illinois, Remote Talent Acquisition Consultant for Talent Retriever since November 2015.


3. Quality of Work

tonyhallpubbig.jpg“What initially caught my eye about Talent Retriever when I started in 2013 was how much of an innovator they are. The type of business solution that they offer is quite unique as opposed to traditional contingent or retained search firms. And to me, that was important because being in the recruitment business since 1994, I did not want to work for a typical recruitment firm that lacked a competitive differentiation. But Talent Retriever’s recruitment model where we work as a partner/extension of our clients and we develop a solution around the client’s need opposed to throwing stuff against the wall, seeing what sticks, and getting our fee, was really appealing to me. The recruitment process itself is very thorough. The methodology of sourcing and messaging is so detailed within the organization, and doing things at level of high quality. Every day I am exposed to people that are pushing the boundaries in terms of using technology, social media, and the different tools out there. And so it is exciting to learn something new every day and learn new ways to be successful.” Tony Hall, New Hampshire, Remote Talent Acquisition Consultant for Talent Retriever since 2013


4. Transparency

RosePubBig.jpg“Talent Retriever goes out of its way to makes things easy. I am provided with all information on a client that I need to get started as quickly as possible. And there is a ton of assistance at every corner. I can reach out to the people on my team and to the project leads. I definitely feel connected at all times. Talent Retriever makes that possible. There is always a great amount of honesty and transparency for the workload as well, whether it is ramping up or ramping down for a given period, you are kept in the loop in a very respectful way.” – Rose Bracamonte, Arizona, Remote Talent Acquisition Consultant for Talent Retriever since February 2016


Interested in learning more? We would LOVE to talk with you.  Please apply here: . Or call us at 781-425-5550.