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If you’re part of a growing business that is serious about its long-term development strategy, then MassTLC’s Growth17 Conference on October 20this an absolute MUST ATTEND for you.


The all-day Friday event, hosted at UMass Boston, will leave you with key lessons and plans to ensure that your strategic vision can translate into REAL profitable operations.


Here are 4 reasons why you DO NOT WANT to MISS Growth17.


1.      Lessons from the Best of the Best

Top level executives and thought leaders in the Boston Tech community are going to be with us all day, sharing their expertise. We’re going to be hearing from the leaders of Rapid7, Carbonite, Cybereason, Toast, iRobot and many more of Boston’s tech moguls. They’re going to be covering things like scaling and aligning teams, forecasting, defining markets and roadmaps, easing inflection points, and operationalizing an organization to run efficiently and profitably.


2.      Awesome Networking Opportunities

You will be amongst 250+ professionals who are eager to learn and eager to make new connections. There will be time dedicated to networking in the morning and in the afternoon over cocktails.

In between sessions will also provide a great chance to start conversations and meet new faces. Especially those 10-15 minutes where you are waiting for the next speaker to begin their session. After doing a lot of listening over a 45 minute period…people are excited to talk.


3.      Vital Sessions

Let’s get specific on this. A few breakouts that we think are going to be can’t miss are:


Radical Alignment: aligning culture, strategy and acquisition execution for out-sized growth. Andrew Burton and Christina Luconi of Rapid7 will discuss how they achieved radical alignment of strategy, operations, and culture to maximize growth, execute successful M&A strategies and boost empl

oyee retention.


Smarketing: How Sales and Marketing Alignment Can Supercharge Growth. This is going to cover specific steps you can take to better align your marketing and sales organizations.


Venture Capitalists Share War Stories: Structuring for Growth. A VC panel will be sharing lessons they’ve learned and the frameworks to structure properly for growth to soften the speed bumps along the way.


4.      You Will See Talent Retriever!

What better way to evaluate your growth strategy than to speak to high growth hiring experts? Talent Retriever has worked with some of the fastest growing companies in Boston including Rapid7, Wayfair, Actifio and Constant Contact. We do it with cost-efficiency because we are non-contingency – we operate via a professional services model. Look, building your team and scaling at a successful level, takes work and it takes commitment. And when it comes to working with a recruiting 

partner it takes trust. We hope to see you at Growth17 on October 20th, and tell you a bit more about what it means to have a recruitment partner you can trust.