In our last post we busted some myths about millennials in the workforce. So why is it so important to hire them?  Your company’s ability to recruit millennials and understand them is critical as they will develop into leadership positions within the near future. So here’s why else you should hire them NOW!

  1. They are Motivated and Driven – Millennials want to learn and grow as both individuals and professionals. Their paycheck isn’t the main motivator – they want to succeed because it is important to them. They’re attracted to careers where they have room to grow and strive to prove their capability quickly. Having grown up in a world where everything is at their fingertips, they want everything right away. This impatience drives them to work quickly and get answers as soon as possible.
  2. They’re Cheap– Millennials are often willing to settle for smaller pay checks in exchange for flexibility and happiness within their job. They tend to be incredibly fast learners, and are apt to pick up technical skills quickly.  Perhaps you can forgo years of experience, hire for aptitude and provide training to bring someone more junior up to speed rapidly.
  3. They’re Sincere– Millennials are typically not brown-nosers who schmooze up to their bosses hoping it benefits their career. They are genuine and prefer to be judged on their performance. They respect their superiors rather than look at them as opportunities to climb the ladder.
  4. They Think Outside the Box– Creativity is quite robust among millennials – they are constantly thinking of new ideas. This combined with their high level of education, make them an ambitious bunch. Millennials are the most educated generation yet. Over 47 percent of 25 to 34 year olds have received a postsecondary degree (associates, bachelor’s, or graduate degree).
  5. They Collaborate and Value Feedback– As mentioned in our last post about millennials, many believe they need to collaborate and receive validation in order to make decisions.  They are a “We” generation. In their world, “We” is necessary. Millennials care about creating the best work possible which to them means working together – and they know how to do that well.  They value feedback and are more than willing to listen to constructive criticism in order to learn. 
  6. They’re the Most Tech Savvy and Best with Social Media– They grew up with it and understand how to use it better than anyone. As technology in the workplace continues to increase, they will be the front runners of understanding how to implement advancements and new ways to use social media.

Sure, it’s not all roses.  Millennials bring some great stuff to the table, but they also offer some challenges.  It is critical to know what you are getting into. In our final post in this series of three, look for best practices in recruiting and hiring this demographic.