If finding great new employees is the hard part, getting them to accept the job should be simple….not always. Candidates are receiving multiple offers as well as counteroffers again. To be successful you need to think about closing from the start.

1) Set the stage in the first meeting – explain the interview process, steps involved, expected time frames. Make certain you give candidate’s opportunities to ask questions and to evaluate you as well. Let them know prior to any offer being made you look for agreement that the opportunity aligns with their goals and that they have no questions remaining.

2) Ask about other interviews they’ve had –what did they like /dislike and why did they not move ahead. This can be very insightful.

3) Get the candidate’s “reason for leaving” – get real answers – don’t accept “for a better opportunity” – the better, more clear and descriptive the answer, the better you can help them determine if your firm is offering something that aligns. You also have something to turn to when closing them.

4) If they are leaving for more $$ – ask if they have gone back to their current employer for a raise. If not – this has counter offer written all over it! Better they get a raise and stay where they are rather than you waste your team’s time.

5) What you see is what you get – the candidate is interviewing – look at it as Sunday’s best on display. This isn’t that guy your sister said will change – whatever is wrong today will not magically go away when they start.

6) They are interviewing you as much as you are interviewing them – remember that. So you also need to focus on making a good impression.

7) References – if you’re calling names provided by the candidate at least ask questions that will get you something helpful – “We are hiring Jim for a role on our X team where he will be handling Y and Z – what can you tell me that may help make Jims first 90 days successful”

As I’m sure you’ve gathered by now, the key here is to gather information up front that will prove useful in the closing stages. Analyzing what you have uncovered, examining information you have collected, as well as presentation and conduct as a whole will be most helpful in first, determining if this is “your person” and secondly figuring out how to secure them as your newest employee!