So you need to do some hiring. You want to do it quickly, but at the same time you need full confidence that you are bringing the very best talent into your organization. Recruiting should be viewed as a business strategy, not just an operational task. I recommend taking a step back from the constant need to “put out the fires” and examine the engine you have in place for recruitment at your organization.

Increasingly, companies are turning towards a unique solution, particularly in these times of uncertainty. Working as an extension of your company, an outsourced recruiting partner is quite valuable. Whether you fully outsource or augment what you already have in place, they will get to know your culture, take the time to understand your business goals and help you to streamline your process to ensure optimal hiring.

A properly managed outsourced recruitment solution offers many benefits that can improve your business.

Decrease Time to Hire
Due to the efficiencies that are brought into the mix with an outsourced provider, you will save time. You will avoid the need for hiring, training and retaining an internal team. While streamlining your recruitment process, you will also see the development of best practices which will cut out time in the process, leading to less lost candidates and the ability to bring the most desired talent on board more quickly.

Increased Candidate Quality
Because contingency fees are not involved when working in this capacity, it automatically sets up a more pleasing scenario for a candidate. Candidates often say they feel like they are just a dollar sign and being bullied into jobs that just don’t feel right. Not only isn’t this the case, but because of the approach of many outsourced partners, you will be able to receive honest and open feedback through this unbiased intermediary.

Reduce Cost
Outsourced recruitment decreases not only your direct recruiting costs, but also can save on recruitment search tools and advertising. Additionally, you will be able to cut back or even completely eliminate those skyrocketing third party agency fees.

Flexibility and Customization
Often, outsourced recruitment programs can be customized and offer flexibility. As your needs evolve, many programs can usually be adjusted to coincide with changes. A solid recruiting partner will not be static. They will provide continuity of the team and at the same time be able to bring on professionals with varied subject matter expertise as needed.

Whether you are an emerging company, a mid-sized firm or a Fortune 500 organization, you have options! I encourage you to take a look at your current situation and don’t be afraid to get creative on your approach to strategic and effective hiring.