There is a change brewing. Organizations are starting to put money back into business development. I see PR people picking up speed. Companies that create and drive all kinds of marketing programs are beginning to finally close business that has been in the pipeline since Q3 2008. Great news!

As a marketing professional by trade, I am a huge believer in employing all sorts of tools that support and help initiate sales. But – marketing is only half of what it takes. Great marketing programs that are not complimented by a solid sales force are often wasted.

Now is a good time to take a good and honest look at your existing sales team. Times are tough. Are members of your team hustling or are they making excuses? If you are hearing too much, “well, its just a bad market right now” instead of “This is my chance to outwork my competition,” then you may want to consider some immediate changes. Now more than ever, there is no excuse for having a weak sales team. There are great people both available on the market, as well as those more passive candidates who are willing to take a look at new opportunities.

Superstars are getting job offers – and they are coming in multiples. Don’t settle for the B Team.