Talent Retriever has been recognized as one of 80 honorees for Boston Business Journal’s Best Places to Work!




Talent Retriever lives and breathes by its core values. To us, company culture isn’t a buzz word thrown around and disguised by beer carts and ping pong. Instead, our culture is encapsulated by our passion for our work, our respect for one another, and our drive for success. Employees are given the trust and freedom of setting day to day goals, as well as the ability to reach all aspirations in our careers. Talent Retriever pushes its employees to be the best workers, teammates and members in our community that we can be.


With our team based approach, we encourage collaboration, not competition- which can be rare in the recruiting world where success is placed on individual accomplishments. Alleviating this type of pressure allows for a true team environment where we make each other better – and in turn, achieve better results for our clients.


The Talent Retriever team is always being pushed to be on the cutting edge of recruiting practices. Our team is given all the tools needed to succeed, both from a technology stand point, and through continued learning from twice-a-week training sessions on industry topics, best practices and role playing of real life scenarios. And we work with an incredible group of Boston based clients. The work we do for them every day is exciting, challenging and impactful. We get to help the hottest companies in the area grow their incredible teams.


We offer flexible opportunities that allow talented recruiters to join our company. Our “flex” employees have the ability to work around their home/personal schedules – allowing them the chance to continue to learn as a recruiter and get exposure to exciting, growing companies all the while maintaining the elusive work/life balance. By tapping into this flexible workforce, it allows all of us to achieve better results.


We genuinely enjoy working with one another, so much that we even hang out after the work day ends. Our open office structure allows co-workers to become friends and for the day to be filled with laughter and joy. We have weekly Work-out Tribe sessions where we push (and cheer on) each other in our office gym. We come together to volunteer in the greater Boston community-sponsoring food and clothing drives, working with Sweet Paws, a local dog rescue and serving on various boards of organizations throughout the state. And with all the hard work we put in, we remember to keep things light by having themed Fun Fridays every week – where we enjoy things like margaritas at the end of the day, wearing hilarious outfits, or even having talent shows and company-wide lunches.   


Everything we do is done together and that approach makes Talent Retriever one of the best places to work.