Talent Retriever is back and bigger than ever for TechJam 2018! We’re here to kick butt and take names (or business cards) later once again.


And you’ll find us with same ‘ol bull….No not like that…




tj bull cropped


That’s right…TR is going back to its TechJam roots and bringing back “Bully” – the mechanical bull that has STRUCK FEAR in the hearts of TechJammers all over Boston!


Do you think you have what it takes to last more than 15 seconds with the ultimate Bully?


Find out on Thursday, June 14 at City Hall Plaza for Boston Tech Jam 2018


And of course, as always we’re excited to geek out with over 120 exhibitors showcasing their products and services and THOUSANDS of attendees.


Make sure you get your tickets if you haven’t already. Register here.


Remember, if you need help rounding up talent, Talent Retriever is ready to saddle up with you and hit those hiring goals hard this summer.


We’ll see you June 14!