What’s up TechJammers? The annual block party for networking in a fun and creative way is back and bigger than ever. Grab a drink, bring your team or just bring yourself and “Get your inner geek on.” Take a look at what other pioneers are doing with technology that will change the world. That’s right, the world! Talent Retriever will be there, and we have Hammer, the mechanical shark swimming to find his next prey — oooh scary! How long do you think you can last? Find out and grab some free SWAG while you’re at it. But not without visiting some fellow developers, marketing and biz dev pros, founders, tech execs and others who love to get downright “Geeky!” and see innovation in action. Come join us June 11th from 4-9PM at Government Center in Boston, because the blood is in the water and the tank is filled with sharks.

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