1. Understand the “Why.” If you only focus on the “What” – you may miss things that aren’t necessarily reflected on a resume. “Why does the candidate need the skills you’re looking for. For example, if the person in this position will be doing Mobile Development – they may need Java ME experience. You might not be able to uncover this unless you understand the technology and know what to look for when talking to candidates.
  2. What role will they play in the organization? Is the expectation for them to be a leader on the team or just another unit on the team? There are many talented developers that have great experience – but they’re not interested in being a mentor or a leader. On the other hand – there are developers that are eager to groom the next generation of Engineers. Be mindful of this expectation. 
  3. Look at unique skills the candidate could carry over from their previous work experience. If they work at a company that has a unique methodology or use a tool that is hard to find – they could bring that skill set over to your organization. These skills can make all the difference in separating themselves from the competition and make them highly desirable.