There are 8 elements that ever career page should include. Your Career Page is the hub of your recruiting story. It’s the place where candidates go to find out what you’re all about. Everything you do online for recruiting should point back to the career page. Here is what you want to include on your career page to ensure you’re in position for success.


1. A powerful value statement. Prominently displayed to grab a candidate’s attention.


2. A paragraph that details the values or mission of your company. It should give the candidate a sense of what you’re trying to achieve as a company and how the people you’re hiring can help contribute to that mission.


3. A Rundown of Perks and Benefits.

Illustrate the great offerings of your company.

Use icons paired with short descriptions.

Highlight perks that are unique to you.

Include things like ‘Theme Fridays’, weekly lunches, a ‘Fitness Center on Location.’

Don’t limit yourself. List as much as you think is relevant.

Great benefits could make all the difference for some candidates


4. Pictures of Your Team – No Stock Photography!

Show how you ‘walk the walk’ by sharing authentic photos of your team. Provide different perspectives of your culture. Don’t just display the fun and games – show your team being engaged and putting in the hard work.


5. Videos

Promote the voices of your team. Present your brand, culture and mission in a 2-4 minute video. It doesn’t have to stop with 1 video. You can build a library of employment brand content. It could be based on different department spotlights.


Take your videos and edit them into short 15 – 45 second clips to post on social media. Or take a still image of a video and overlay the text of a testimonial. Use these posts to drive candidates to your career page.


6. Awards and Recognition.

Validation about the success of your workplace builds credibility with candidates. Apply for local and national “Best Workplace” lists every year.


7. Open Positions.

Have a clear layout of your open positions. Categorize by department. Each position should have it’s own application page with a job description. Make it as easy as possible to apply. Avoid the generic “careers” email address. Include social links for each page and ensure that candidates can easily share the job description.


8. General Application.

Don’t miss out on great candidates because the timing isn’t right. Allow them to create a profile for future consideration – keep their info in your system. (Add these candidates to a mailing list when applicable.)