Employee Referral Program Secrets

Did you know that using referrals increases retention by 40%? Employee referrals are a goldmine for hiring, especially in challenging times when companies are running lean. Making the right hiring decision is more critical than ever!

Creating an effective program can be time-consuming and challenging. Beyond the monetary rewards that most organizations put in place, here are some valuable tips to revamp and supercharge your employee referral program:

Create Engagement

  • What’s in it for me? That matters a lot when requesting even more help from employees who are already stretched. Communicate to them how much their opinion is valued as well as their ability to help the company grow beyond what they do on a day-to-day basis in their jobs. This is also an opportunity to show you value them as team members.
  • Do you know if your employees even WANT to bring their friends and acquaintances into your company? Ask them! Do a quick, anonymous survey, posing one simple question: “How likely are you to refer someone on a scale of 1 to 10?” This can provide some interesting insight plus – bonus – it’s a good check-in on how engaged your team is and may reveal potentially looming retention issues.
  • Hold regular “Recruiting Forums” to keep everyone involved. Share updates, celebrate successes, and discuss upcoming needs – let hiring managers take an active role!

Foster Excitement 

  • Organize Friday Afternoon Talent Socials where employees tap into their networks while enjoying company-sponsored drinks, snacks, and the chance to win prizes. This works for remote teams as well!
  • Launch an Employee Networking Lunch Program, offering select team members the opportunity to expense lunch and share positive experiences about the company with their contacts.
  • Invite previously referred employees to share their success stories, highlighting their achievements and the employee channels that brought them in.
  • Celebrate referred employees’ first day with recognition and small gestures like flowers, balloons, or a personalized handwritten welcome. Post and ask your team to share on social media and you may even get some more referrals!

Simplify the Process: 

  • Make sure everyone has a “We’re Hiring” link in email signatures, or a branded LinkedIn Banner incorporating the same messaging, directing interested candidates to your career page.
  • Provide employees with pre-drafted, personalized template messages to share across their social media platforms.
  • Create a recruiting playbook with concise, memorable points that employees can use to pitch the company.

Give it a shot! You’ll empower your employees, boost engagement, and generate a continuous stream of quality referrals. We’d love to hear your engagement stories. Share your breakthroughs with us on LinkedIn.