You Need to Hire in Weekly/Monthly Classes

Your hiring volume hiring requires strict deadlines, drop dead dates, and standard onboarding procedures. You need support to hit these critical timelines on a weekly/monthly basis.

You Need Team Based Support Through Crucial Hiring Period

Your needs have surpassed the bandwidth capabilities of your in-house recruiters. You need an extra team that can provide support that spans across different recruiting abilities including direct targeted candidate identification and engagement and candidate relationship management.

You Need a Partner that can Integrate Into Your Team

You need resources that can act as an extension of your team – quickly integrating within your processes and gaining a fast understanding of your hiring managers.

High Volume Recruiting Made Easy

Client Vibes: Don’t just take it from us,
see what our clients have to say!

“Our average time to fill is 3½ weeks. And you cannot beat that. And we’re not filling roles that are easy to find. Trying to do that on my own right now would take me weeks and weeks and weeks to get those roles filled.”
“The challenge was that we were hiring new positions that we didn’t entirely know exactly what we were looking for yet. And so – we could evolve that process together.”

“We’ve continued this partnership over the years because of the great results that Talent Retriever has provided to us. They’ve really helped us out in certain areas where we’ve been in binds. When we’ve had spikes in our high volume recruiting, maybe our call center or when we’ve done expansions…Talent Retriever has been key as a partner filling in those gaps. Whenever I’ve had an experience with them, it’s been second to none. When there is a need, they will find a way to make sure that your needs are fulfilled.”