Expert Support During Challenging Periods

You’re Experiencing a Dramatic Business Change

This change may be due to a round of raised capital, an increase in demand for your product or service, or the departure of key internal resources.

Your Skills and Resources are Limited

Your hiring needs have exceeded your internal bandwidth. Growing your in-house team is in your future forecast, but it’s not a viable option right now.

You Need a Subject Matter Expert

When faced with situations demanding specialized expertise or encountering challenging searches, rely on the proficiency of our focused subject matter experts. Overcoming obstacles is one of our specialties!

Straight from the Source: Our clients spill the tea—
check out what they’re saying!

See how we increased headcount by over 65% in 10 months and kept average time to hire to less than 30 days!

“We secured a Series B round of funding of about $40 million. Our CFO brought on Talent Retriever to get that recruiting engine going We were 25 people and the goal was to hire about 100 people. To get to a size of 92, I really attribute the majority of that to the work from the Talent Retriever team.”

This early stage startup had critical needs. We made an immediate impact by bringing better quality into the recruitment process and shortening their time to hire.

“It certainly was refreshing and quite impressive to replicate what we had been trying unsuccessfully to do in the last 4-5 months. And to get it done in less than 2 months.”

As their full service RPO partner since 2018, Hancock depends on our expertise in niche recruiting for Land Surveyors, Civil Engineers Project Managers and more.

“We feel they’re a true teammate. Talent Retriever speaks a lot of “we and “us” . The folks at Talent Retriever are available to us – it feels like 24/7. Talent Retriever respects the fact that businesses like ours are changing constantly — and they’re able to change in lockstep with us. We’re succeeding and we’re growing because of the work Talent Retriever is doing.”