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The good news: you’ve hired the perfect candidate.


They are the perfect fit for the company and the position, they’ve signed the offer letter, and now you’re just waiting for them to start. So, your job is done, right? Wrong.


It is critical to manage the honeymoon period and continue that relationship after the candidate signs the offer letter but before they start to make sure that their excitement to join your company does not fade away. Here’s how to do that.


  1. Reinforce Your Excitement for Them


Send them an email, call and let them know you’re there for them if they have any questions between now and they’re start date. And if they do, get back to them quickly.


  1. Give them a Tour of the Office


It is likely someone gave them a quick tour when they interviewed. But now, offer to give them a real tour of the office. The ins and outs, where do the employees park? f there are stairs, where are those stairs, in case they want to take the stairs instead of the elevator. Also, things like, where their desk space is going to be set up, that way they know what kind of space they’re going to be working in.

Where the break room is, where the rest room is, all these things are going to lessen their nerves for day 1.

In addition to that, if they have a packed schedule for that first week, give them some insight as to what to expect ahead of time.  Things like what kind of trainings they will be attending. What kind of lunch meetings they’re going to be invited to. Who’s going to be attending those with them? All these things are going to make them prepared and ready to come in day 1.


  1. Assign them a Buddy

 This could be somebody in their department or on their team that can keep that excitement going. That person can answer questions in real time and provide them insight. If they are new to the area, where is the best place to go for lunch? If possible, start to invite them to any social events that the company hosts like happy hour and this will allow the candidate to get to know everyone else in the company that they haven’t gotten the chance to meet as well.

  1. Give them a Small Gift

It could something small like a hand-written note or a book. Maybe a welcome basket or something meaningful to the company, fun company swag for their kids.

  1. Assign them Homework

OK, nothing too crazy, just a little something that can be job related or even a brief bio about themselves where they can share some fun facts that the rest of the team can see before they start. The more they feel they are contributing the more of an emotional bond they are going to feel before they even step into the door of the company.