Coaches know their players, and managers should know their employees. Whether you are a part of a large company or a startup, you know that leading a successful team creates a great environment, happy workers, and best of all–amazing results. So, if you’ve gathered the best teammates that you can find, be sure to maximize to its potential!

  • Know your team–it’s your job, coach! It’s important as a manager to know your employees and each of their strengths. You can build an unstoppable team knowing all the great players you have and putting them in the right positions.
  • It’s GAME TIME! Setting goals and deadlines will help keep employees on track. It’s crucial to stress the importance and hold people accountable. You may want to throw in some incentives if it makes sense — gift cards, a day off – think outside the box.
  • Positive reinforcement never hurt anyone. What person doesn’t like to get patted on the back once in a while for the good work that they’ve done? The answer is NO ONE! Reminding your employees of their great hard work will push their productivity and keep them happy. We recommend figuring out the type of recognition they prefer. If introverted, they may like a complimentary email. Someone else may love being in the spotlight and having their work acknowledged more publicly, like in a company meeting.
  • Be willing to train. You want your team to work to their potential and even exceed expectations. Sometimes that takes a bit of training. If they have the aptitude, provide them with tools they need to take it to the next level.
  • Identify problems quickly and work through them. The truth is, no project, job, employee or company is perfect. So when issues arise, tackle them head on. There is always room for improvement. Communicate and give things a chance. Constructive criticism is a great tool.
  • Be open and willing to receive feedback. Being in a leadership role, remember that some may feel intimidated or hesitant about approaching you with ideas or suggestions. Create an open environment where two way communication is encouraged. Hey, you never know, one of your employees might have the next great idea!
Ready? BREAK! It’s game time, coach! You can have a team that will absolutely dominate your company.